From nought to high gloss

Universal BRILLIANT EverGlow is distinguished by long-lasting gloss stability


Above all, it is essential In restorative dentistry to have a high-performance, reliable material for an aesthetically attractive and quick result. Ultra-modern composites offer excellent blending properties and can be processed quickly with no complications. In time for the IDS 2015, the pioneers of aesthetic filling therapy will be presenting a true innovation.

Permanent gloss in next to no time

The specially developed BRILLIANT EverGlow from COLTENE represents an entirely new quality of composite. Due to the intelligent composition with special fillers, the sub-micron hybrid universal composite offers an exceptionally uniform and smooth surface. Polishing becomes a more or less minor issue and dentists can achieve highly aesthetic results in next to no time. In addition, the versatile filling material excels through its extremely durable gloss stability.

In terms of shading, COLTENE reverts to its many years of experience in the field of efficient and effective shade management. BRILLIANT EverGlow comprises of a total of seven universal and two transparent shades. Due to the special blending properties, the shades integrate extremely harmoniously into the existing dental arch. Elaborate layering can also be dispensed with in many cases as a natural restoration is already achieved with the single use of a universal-shade. The additional application of an enamel shade is mainly recommended for patients with relatively translucent teeth. This is how the inventors of the “Duo Shade” concept have created an adaptable material on the basis of the traditional VITA shade range using state-of-the-art technology.

Smooth consistency for good wetting ability

The smooth BRILLIANT EverGlow composite also facilitates considerably better handling for dentists and can thus be applied easily into cavities of all classes. In addition, the dimensionally stable material can be modelled without haste until polymerisation. Due to its good wetting capacity it offers excellent adhesion to bonded tooth surfaces without sticking to the instruments. Industrially manufactured composite shells such as COMPONEER can also be mounted easily and conveniently. The abrasion-resistant material is generally suited for anterior and posterior restorations.

BRILLIANT EverGlow composite
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